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Pre-School Support

Early Intervention Support 0-5 yrs


The following information is summarised from Life Unlimited website.

The Ministry of Health provides the following help (depending upon your assessment):

  • occupational therapists

  • speech language therapists

  • dieticians

  • physiotherapists

  • social workers

  • psychologists

  • cultural support workers.

To receive ask talk to your GP, paediatrician, plunket nurse, e through your Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) provider or other healthcare provider.

T Ministry of Education provides the following help (depending upon your assessment):

  • advisors on deaf children (AODC)

  • early intervention teachers (EITs)

  • kaitakawaenga (Māori cultural advisors)

  • psychologists

  • speech-language therapists (SLTs).


To receive help talk to your local early intervention service yourself if your child is at home with you full time, or your ECE provider can refer you to the service with your consent.


Useful websites:

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