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22q Family Conference

Brisbane, Queensland 
7th and 8th December 2019

Speakers Include

•    Dr Honey Heussler - Pediatrician - Head of the 22q Clinic - QLD Children’s Hospital 

•    Helen Morris – Speech

•    Dr Vinita Prasad – 22q Clinic Pediatrician

•    Dr Linda Campbell – approaching anxiety and understanding IQ

•    Dr Tony Simon – Cognition etc.. (MIND Institute California - 22q Centre)

•    Maria Kamper – Education from Parental Perspective & the 22q Foundation

•    Dr Angela Berkhout Immunologist 

•    Dr Donna M. McDonald-McGinn, MS, LCGC – 22q Overview  (Chief, Section of Genetic Counselling, Associate Director, Clinical Genetics Director, 22q and You Center, The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, The Perelman School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania 

•    Kathy Franklin - Adult Mental Health

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