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New Zealand Allowances

2 allowances you can apply for 

  • Child disability allowance

  • Disability allowance


Child Disability Allowance




Click here for more information from the WINZ website


Disability Allowance

Click here for more information from the WINZ website

Personal Budget Holding Options

This can get rather confusing however Parent 2 Parent NZ have created great resources that demystifies Disability Support Services.

Another useful link is from the Ministry of Health

click here for information

Where do you start?

Idividualised Funding


Taken from the Ministry of Health Website:

  • available nation wide except for MidCentral Region

Click here for the link

IF can be used to:

  • purchase Household Management, Personal Care provided by support workers (employees, contracted personnel or organisations) and pay costs relating to the employment of support workers

  • purchase Respite through support workers or other opportunities where the full time carer is able to have a break (including school holiday programmes or facilities).


IF cannot be used to employ or contract support workers who are:

  • the spouse/partner or parents of the disabled person; or

  • family members who live in the same house as the disabled person. A family member is defined as a grandparent, grandchild, daughter, son, sister, brother, aunt or uncle.


IF doesn’t cover costs related to medical supplies, equipment, home renovations, leisure, recreation and personal or family costs, and can’t be used to increase the personal income of an individual or family.

Mana Whaikaha


A prototype of a new disability support system (Parent2Parent)

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