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Executive Board

President (Bathurst, NSW) - Maria Kamper

Vice President (Adelaide) - Glenn Fuller

Secretary & Treasurer (Adelaide) - Kristina Fuller

Assistant Treasurer (Ryde, NSW) - Gillian O'Neill

Public Officer - Melinda Woods

Other Regional Contacts

Western Australia - Vensa Harcourt

Queensland - Jodi Hegarty

Victoria - Elle White

General Board

Western Sydney Mary Thorley

Western Sydney Christopher Thorley
Western Sydney - Rachel Waters

Southern Sydney- Leanne Korte

Southern Sydney- Tanya Jarvis

Bathurst - Charlotte Kamper 

Kings Langley - Cathy Morgan

New Zealand (Wellington) - Hayley Roche

The 22q local contacts are there to provide information on the services available in your area. The contacts are all volunteers. These contacts are not medical professionals. The contact points are not intended to provide medical advice. The VCFS & 22q11 Foundation does not accept any responsibility for advice or information provided by the contacts. It is strongly recommended that persons wishing to use information supplied by the representatives first consult their medical practitioner.

Contact Us

VCFS 22q11 Foundation INC 9875404
Trading As 
22q Foundation Australia & New Zealand 
ABN: 22 379 450 116

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